Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fred Meylan

The home/ studio of French fashion photographer Fred Meylan is perfectly imperfect. With its battered walls and worn floors, it serves as a gorgeous backdrop for some of his best photos. If you speak French, you can hear him discussing the studio HERE, but even if you don't it's fun just to see him walking through this great space.




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Go Dexter

Love Michael C. Hall's style. Not sure if this house is still on the market, but if I had an extra few million I'd grab it.

Love all of his accessories.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Brian Ferry

Came upon these photos taken by Brian Ferry celebrating Starbuck's 40th anniversary. The pictures made me think good thoughts about the cool weather coming (as if that's possible). Sitting here in my flip flops willing the warm days to last just a bit longer. Look silly, but I'm determined.

The photo above isn't part of the Starbucks campaign. It is from one of Ferry's interior projects, but I just loved the bar set up so had to include it. Easy to imagine a Starbuck's cup sitting here anyway.
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Say cheese

 I like Brian Ferry's portraits too. Check out his blog here. Really beautiful.

Think Fast!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sarah and Matthew's place

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick recently put this property on the market ($22 million). Looking at it, I just couldn't see them living here, nice as it is. Pictured them in something much more casual. Looked around a bit and it seems they never did live here. They just like to fix places up and flip them. Found THIS quick and fun 73-question interview with Parker, which was taken in their actual home. Looks much more like them, I think. 

I guess she stores clothes here :)

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