Monday, June 13, 2011

At home with Nancy and OB in Summit

Shed: You have had people ask about registering your home as an historical property when in fact it isn't old.
Nancy O'Brien: OB (Bill O'Brien) built the house in 1985/86 and modeled it after a New England Salt Box. This is OB's little piece of Vermont in Summit.
Shed: What's the story with the floors?
NO'B: Shortly after putting the floors in, the white oak shrunk leaving wide gaps between the boards. We decided to paint as a quick fix using two colors which we rolled on simultaneously. We started at 9 at night and painted ourselves out of the room at 1 a.m.. We love the result.
Shed: Great coffee table.
NO'B: It is a cobbler's bench we picked up antiquing in PA.

Shed: Your kitchen is the epitome of warm and welcoming.
NO'B: We love to entertain and it all seems to revolve around OB's cooking and the island. OB can open the spice cabinet and create a gourmet meal for a crowd. The more the merrier!

Shed: So many fun collections scattered throughout the house.
NO'B: The scales and bowling pins were finds from many of our spontaneous antiquing treks.

Shed: And these bottles?
NO'B: We've collected them for years from our trips domestically and abroad.
Baskets overflowing with fabrics Nancy sources overseas as a flight attendant for her line Magpie Designs.
Shed: From the looks of the fireplace it's hard to believe the house is only 26 years old.
NO'B: This room was originally the kitchen. The fireplace is 5' x 5 ' 3' and has a big crane so that we can actually cook over the fire. It's great for entertaining.
Shed: You two obviously love blue.
NO'B: Traveling the back roads of France, we fell in love with the old stone houses and the color blue they were all trimmed in. The bedroom was painted around one of the fabrics from my spring collection.

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