Monday, February 25, 2013

Lee Radziwill

I am smitten, in awe and blown away by Lee Radziwill. I just finished reading the February 17 T magazine article she did from her Paris apartment. I also watched her interview with Sophia Coppola and Deborah Needleman. Wow. What a class act. Check out her up close and personal interview here. It's hard not to admire a woman honest enough to say Mick Jagger "repulsed" her and sweet (and lonely) enough to share the story of trying to adopt an orphan when she was just 11. Definitely high on my list of people I want to know more about.

With her sister Jackie Kennedy.

With her daughter Tina.

Dancing with Truman Capote at the Black and White Ball. Photo above is Radziwill on the book's cover wearing the mask she wore to the ball.

With Mick and Bianca Jagger.

With Andy Warhol.

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