Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday Gift Guide

Mondays are usually a bummer, but today is click, buy and check off the list day. Yay! Here are a few Shed online items we think make great gifts!! Enter chic in the voucher area and take ten percent off today! Free shipping anywhere in the US.

Stick on - peel off chalk board. Fun, practical and comes with chalk. Score! $60 

 Coo-coo clock. Modern AND polite (quiet from midnight to 7:00 a.m). $149

Framed print to celebrate the one you love. $90
 Custom family pillow. Think Grandparent gift! $159

Candelabra (in lots of bold-happy colors). $99

 Set of three lavender sachets. For the friend who likes to be surprised. $40

Large smiley metal bowl. Bold, fun and a great piece to serve chips. $65

A framed print with facts about your best bud's breed. Awe! $110

 Sheep skin throw. For a chair, the floor or newborn baby (yep). $110

Bad ass bracelet. Put it on and you'll see why. $110

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