Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Peter's new pad

I love small spaces so was very excited to see House Beautiful's annual issue of the best in pint-size design. I was extra happy to see Peter Dunham's new 550 square-foot home in LA included. After splitting up with his partner, the designer wanted to start anew and this small space allowed him to edit everything he didn't need (from his 3,500 square feet house) and start over. Dunham is amazing at mixing patterns and color to create rooms that are gorgeous and memorable. And those pink walls. Genius. Who doesn't look good against pink?

"I walked into this little compound of eight Tudor-style units built around a garden of palms and fruit trees, and everything about it felt safe and comforting. I thought, You know, I can make this wee place work." - Peter Dunham.

"One trick that works well (in a small space) is to put as many large scale pieces of furniture in the room as you can to create a feeling of luxury. I feel like I'm living big in a small space." - P.D.

"I wake up every morning in my little bedroom and lie there looking out at the palms and think how incredibly lucky I am. I'm in heaven." - P.D.

"Maybe we're a bit like dogs. They love the coziness and security of their crates, their little doghouses."- P.D.
See Dunham work the Brimfield flea market with One Kings Lane here.

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