Monday, November 10, 2014

Gary Sinise Foundation

In the five years I have been doing the blog I have avoided posts unrelated to decorating so please bear with me...... A few weeks ago I watched this video about the Gary Sinise Foundation, which helps soldiers returning from war. I was so taken by Sinise's dedication and the foundation; I cried throughout the video. Among other things, the foundation helps build "Smart Homes" for those returning with lost limbs. I contacted the foundation's headquarters in California to see if I could send accessories from Shed to help decorate the homes. They appreciated the offer, but understandably do not have the manpower to handle this type of donation. I sent money instead. With Veteran's Day here, I would like to do something from Shed for these amazing people who have gone through hell for us and I'm hoping you will help. Now through Saturday, when you make a purchase mention the Gary Sinese Foundation and 25% of your sale will be sent to the foundation. Even if it is a $20 candle, they will get $5. It makes a difference! The event will be in-store and on the website (which ships free anywhere in the US). Just mention Gary Sinise in the check out area. Thanks very much. 


"If we don't take care of our defenders before, during and after the battle why would we expect anyone to care about serving" - Gary Sinise
For George with love.

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