Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sunny Sydney

I normally like simple interiors, but this home, which I came across in Vogue Living, is an exception (maybe because it's so spring-y and we're desperate here for warmth). Also, the wallpaper in the living room reminds me of the cover of the Domino book. Located in Sydney Australia, this home belongs to fashion designer Melanie Greensmith and her rocker husband, Mark McEntee (and their dogs, Fifi L'amour and Napoleon Bonaparte). According to Greensmith, they scouted the world to find just the right apartment before settling on this one. One look at the arched windows and the fantastic view and I think the search was well worth the effort :)

Below is the home when it was with its previous owner, restauranteur Charles Wilkins. So different!
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1 comment:

  1. Look at that view to this house! I delivered a self storage pod to one of these rich mansion houses a while back and never wanted to leave! Haha!