Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Amanda Brooks - Always Pack a Party Dress

Amanda Brooks second book "Always Pack a Party Dress" just came out. Normally I wouldn't give a book like this a second glance as I wear jeans pretty much 24-7, but since I am a fan of her home aesthetic and admirer of her fabulous personal style, I went ahead and downloaded a copy. A few chapters into it, I'm rethinking my wardrobe and may branch out a bit, maybe even try a dress?? I am still amazed that she left behind a job as fashion director of Barneys a couple years ago to pick up and move herself and her family to a farm (gorgeous as it may be - see below) in England. How many times have you daydreamed about packing up and moving far, far away to make a fresh start? Good for her for having the guts to do it. Interested in reading the book? Vote on which of Amanda's outfits featured here you like best and maybe you'll win a free copy (see bottom for details). Just wait till you read the part about her internship with the amazing fashion photographer Patrick Demarachelier. The good fortune that comes from being in the right place at the right time!







 With Jenna Lyons from J. Crew. #10



Pick which outfit you like best (1 - 13). One person will be chosen to win a copy of Amanda's new book. The winner will be announced next week. Please click HERE to write your answer in the comment section of the blog. My vote is #9!
Photos via Selby, Pinterest & Always Pack a Party Dress.


  1. Loving outfit #3. Thanks for the head's up on Amanda Brook's fab country home. Love it and love your blog!

  2. LOVE outfit # 3!! Great post, as usual! Xx

  3. #7
    Love this post!
    Book looks great:)

  4. I vote for #6 although I think they are all stylish.

  5. Love #2, but all of them are great. Always enjoy your posts!

  6. #6 is my fav, classy & stylish, great look.

  7. #6 is my fav, classy & stylish, great look!

  8. #4 is my favorite--casual but chic.

  9. She looks wonderful in all picture. I like No. 6....timeless.

  10. #4 appears very casual, but is very together.

  11. Although taupe isn't really my thing, I love the sportif-luxe look of #3.

  12. #3! Party on the bottom and chill on top!

  13. #6. Very versatile yet stylish. Sure wish that I had legs that long...I would definitely rock this outfit.


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